Vision & Values Creation

DGM advances a process for defining the organizational vision and values. It has been developed to address current business challenges and create social togetherness among all the members of the organization.

Having a clear vision and core values serves as an organizational compass that helps in processes such as:

  • Creating identity and a sense of belonging to achieve common goals
  • Defining desirable patterns of action and behaviors towards different stakeholders
  • Assisting in decision-making processes and helping to resolve business dilemmas
  • Formulating a concise leadership profile within the organization

Studies show that many of the most thriving organizations operate according to a cohesive vision and strong values that are expressed within and outside of the value chain, and which these organizations continue to use vigorously even in times of crisis.

A little bit on the Doing Good Model methodology: The process of assimilating DGM is based on two principles:

  • Circles of Influence – individual, organization, society and environment
  • Dimensions of Assimilation – Believing, Being, Doing

In formulating the vision, we will go through a process of defining the personal purpose of each participant in the team and determine "why the organization exists" in terms of business-related internal and external aspects.

In formulating the values, we will look at the leading team members’ personal values, the characteristics of the desired organizational culture, and how the organization strives to have a positive impact on society and/or on the environment.

Who is it for?

  • Organizations that do not currently have a clear definition of vision and values and are at an appropriate junction to create such clarity
  • Organizations that have a defined vision and values and are interested in adopting and/or renewing them to meet the current best practice and needs
  • Organizations that have a defined vision and values and are interested in implementing them both within and outside of their value chains

How does it work?

We believe in building a process that combines bottom-up and top-down approaches into a single framework that allows the organization's management team to lead change with the full involvement of middle-level managers and employees from the organization.

What will you get from the process?

  • A vision statement
  • Definitions of the organization's values and their meaning
  • Principles for executing an implementation program and guidelines for connecting the process to the organizational goals
DR.mary gentile, phd author of giving vice to values

The doing good model's practical approach enables people from any background to effectively voice their values and positively act on them, drawing the best from them, fueling creativity, confidence, and skill

amira kasem, Head Of Training & Development at Alfanar

A manager, not only works and leads other people, he also manage and lead himself. During the program we went through a meaningful process, the content was valuable, innovative and boosted our organizational tool kit with new creative ideas connecting business, values, and community. Our thanks to the DGM team for the professional training and a profound and practical learning

Amir malka, President & Co-Founder at Bioforum the Data Masters

It's something you can measure, its something you can see immediately. Your employees waking up in the morning and coming to work very happy. I can practically see the change happening.