How to Develop An Organizational Value-Based Forum

One of the most important things in embedding values within your organization is having the ability to harness other people to join in this fascinating journey and expand the circles of influence you want to create. A good starting point establish an organizational value-based discussion forum, during which you can examine what the organization needs, either based on the Doing Good Model or another value-based model that is already implemented within the organization.


What’s a value-based forum?

An organizational forum is a body of knowledge experts committed to constantly deepening and implementing personal and corporate values. A forum objective is to share and engage colleagues about the various implementation tools and raise new ideas for applying value to different target audiences.


What do you need to do to establish an organizational discussion forum?


  1. Appoint a forum manager on behalf of the organization. The Forum Manager is responsible for formulating the Annual Work Plan according to the forum's goals, documenting the accumulated knowledge, and reporting it to the stakeholders in the organization. This voluntary role is value-driven by partnership and commitment to promoting the organization's desired values and interfaces with the manager's different areas of operation.

  2. Appoint representatives for the forum from each business unit (up to 15 members).

    Necessary: All appointments should be voluntary

  3. Schedule to meet at least once every quarter for approximately two hours. This should be in a comfortable meeting room suitable for professional discussions
    - Try to meet in a different location each time

  4. Plan the content for the meetings in a way that includes a sharing environment. This should contain peer sharing, the ability to raise new ideas, develop meaningful initiatives, and receive status updates 
    - Invite inspirational expert guests to discussions
    - Incorporate experiential and formative activities in each session

  5. Formulate a detailed work plan for implementing the value. For an annual plan example

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  6. Perform regular monitoring and control of the process. An example of how to do it is by defining clear development goals and metrics for success

  7. Report forum meetings like any other business activity by writing meeting summaries. For a forum meeting summary example
    - Consider setting up a special steering committee to oversee the implementation process
    - Create a community of forum managers within the organization that acts as a group of dominant peers, led by the person in charge of implementing the value in the organization

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Important Note:

It is advised to appoint a forum member responsible for communicating the forum’s activities internally, including updates about new learning initiatives, ideas, or tools that can be useful and harnessing employees to participate in the related efforts.




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