Ten Questions for Good Weekly Planning



How many times, during our careers, have we heard that before running into action, it is essential to plan? Even at the job interview stage, managers usually ask a question in which they want to test whether we are planning or a practice type. And if we are a "task-oriented" type, does it involve thinking and planning?


When we think of good weekly planning, we have ten essential questions that we encourage you to adopt:




  1. Do we plan to consult and hear various voices and opinions about the decisions we are about to make?

  2.  Do we know what our colleagues and subordinates are going through, professionally and personally, and take this into account in the following week?

  3. Are there enough opportunities to enjoy this week?

  4. In what state of being is it essential that we will be this week to achieve the best possible results?

  5. Do we have an abundance consciousness that will allow us to see what we have and leverage it?

  6. Is there a time during the week we plan to meet with someone from the community where we operate and explore collaboration options? When?
  7. Does the week begin when we are satisfied/happy with how we plan to act?

  8. Can we find an opportunity to say thank you to someone this week, give credit, or give good feedback?

  9. Do we have all the business information and knowledge to best support all the processes we need to advance?

  10. Is it possible to start the week with a smile?