Positive it






How does it work?

Create an alternative, peer-to-peer dictionary that lets you say the same things – in a positive way.


Try it yourself

Look in the following table how a phrase gets positive it:




Because words create your reality.
Because words shape the way we think, communicate, and act in the world.
Because positive words have the power to bring about good things.








Helpful Materials:


1. Positive stickers: We've created an inspirational sticker set that you can use for free. Just add your company logo and start distributing.

Download positive stickers


2. Positve teaser: We've also got a beautifully formatted and helpful teaser email template that you can share within your organization.

Download positve teaser


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3. Good Words Dictionary: we also have our good words dictionary, which we encourage you to do and share with your team as well as your internal corporate social networks

Download Good Words Dictionary