Our online program “New Now, New Needs” have been developed to meet the organizational needs of these days, through providing tools for realizing the personal, professional, and social value in organizations. We invite managers who want to be agents of change to sign up to unique program that focus on a value-based managerial perception and prove that Doing Good is Good Business.

Who are the program for?
The program is for managers who are eager to learn, open- minded and have the passion to lead a change.

What are the benefits you will gain?
The managers will gain tools to cope with the new business world, benefit increased self- awareness and a formulated managerial perception. The program will strengthen their sense of responsibility and their commitment to influence, while maximizing the organizational economic profit.


How does it work?

  • Decide who your target audience is and what are the two main goals you want to achieve.
  • Adapt the content to the needs of the group and the organization.
  • Nominate a group of 10-15 managers from your organization.
  • Schedule the program at your own convenience (or: based on your availability).
  • Take part in 6 innovative online workshops (1 hour and a half each) on zoom, guided by The Doing Good Model team.
  • Perform tasks and promote processes between meetings.
  • Summarize insights during and at the end of the program.


  1. Management, values and the intersection between the two- What are the values that lead me?
  2. Sparkles of change- How will I lead initiatives in a period of change?
  3. Online and offline communication- How will I motivate different people for action?
  4. Impactful leadership- How will I leverage opportunities?
  5. Harmonies management- How will I balance my life?
  6. From competition to cooperation- How will I adapt to the new rules of the game?
DR.mary gentile, phd author of giving vice to values

The doing good model's practical approach enables people from any background to effectively voice their values and positively act on them, drawing the best from them, fueling creativity, confidence, and skill

amira kasem, Head Of Training & Development at Alfanar

A manager, not only works and leads other people, he also manage and lead himself. During the program we went through a meaningful process, the content was valuable, innovative and boosted our organizational tool kit with new creative ideas connecting business, values, and community. Our thanks to the DGM team for the professional training and a profound and practical learning

Amir malka, President & Co-Founder at Bioforum the Data Masters

It's something you can measure, its something you can see immediately. Your employees waking up in the morning and coming to work very happy. I can practically see the change happening.