To create a values-based world

We are doing this by systemically integrating the Doing Good Model as a day-to-day tool, combining universal human values at the core
of individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities, for the benefit of all of society.


The Doing Good Model is the visionary brainchild of businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, who started creating it in 1997 by defining values-based visions for diverse organizations.
While parts of the model have been implemented over the years in business and philanthropy, it was launched as a complete model in 2010 after it was solidified in a joint process with all of the Chairmen and CEOs at the Arison Group, together with an academic team from some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, Thunderbird, Babson, and George Mason.
Since 2011, parts of the model have been implemented in a wide range of businesses and organizations at the Arison Group, operating in the fields of finance, infrastructure, industry, real estate, energy, water, and in social enterprises focused on philanthropy, volunteering, spirituality, education, and arts. Additionally, tools and methodologies have been developed that enable the model to go beyond – serve outside the scope of the Arison Group, to expand the circles of impact. The Doing Good Model proves that organizations driven by meaning, who give their employees a sense of value and promote environmental protection, are business-thriving organizationsIn 2017, The Doing Good Model Company was established with the vision of making a values based world, led by David Arison.


The Doing Good Model aims to increase the global 'Doing Good' impact. It, therefore, inherently works in alignment with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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from vision to reality

Development of Vision & organizational values for each of the Arison Group entities
  • Bank Hapoalim- Financial freedom
  • Ruach Tova- Volunteering
  • Shikun & Binui- Sustainablity
  • Salt of the Earth- Vitality
  • We are all one- We are all one
  • The Ted Arison Family Foundation- Giving
  • Essence of Life- Inner peace
  • Miya- Abundance 
  • Arison investments- added value for humanity
Development of Vision & organizational values for each of the Arison Group entities
The birth of a new Values driven orginizational model

In the midst of the financial crisis Shari Arison gathered all Chairpersons and CEOs of the Arison Group to create a new values driven orginizational model.

The birth of a new Values driven orginizational model
The creation of the Doing Good Model

Building the Doing Good Model and Launching initial implementation steering committee. 

The creation of the Doing Good Model
Finalizing the model with Academic teams

Collaborating DGM perspective with academic methods from leading universities: Harvard, Babson, and Thunderbird.

Finalizing the model with Academic teams
Management's workshops

Chairpersons and CEOs of the Arison Group getherd for the first Doing Good Model Workshop.

Management's workshops
Establishing an endowed professor at George Mason University

Shari Arison received honorary doctorate from GMU following the establishment of an endowment professorship at the university, to help advance values-driven activity in all aspects of life and grounding The Doing Good Model in academic research.

Establishing an endowed professor at George Mason University
Values based forums

Kick off Arison Group cross organizational values based forums - Turning theory into actions.

 Values based forums
Launching "The Doing Good Model" book that becomes a NY Times best seller

Shari Arison’s book, "The Doing Good Model – Activate your Goodness in Business", is a practical guide for implementing and realizing the vision of Doing Good in every business.


Launching "The Doing Good Model" book that becomes a NY Times best seller
Deep internal implementation
  • Appointing VP Values in each of the arison group companies.
  • Miya and Indaqua successful merger using DGM as a tool to unite the companies and colture.
Deep internal implementation
The Doing Good Model spins off as an independent social enterprise

The Doing Good Model LTD was established with the vision of making a values based world, led by David Arison.

The Doing Good Model spins off as an independent social enterprise
Launching DGM DNA

A Values Driven Orginizational transformational process that promotes that doing Good is good business.

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Launching DGM DNA
Launching Purposeful Managers Program

A practical, unique program for mid-level managers who strive to lead teams to purpose, prosperity, and a valuable way of living.

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Launching Purposeful Managers Program
Launching DGnet & finish the rebranding process

DGnet it's an online guide for businesses which contains a range of concepts, ideas, and tools to implement values in the their daily organizational routines.

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Launching DGnet  & finish the rebranding process
A value-driven transformation roadmap

The Doing Good Model (DGM) is a sustainable value-based business model for positive creation worldwide. It is a practical day-to-day tool for integrating values at the core of businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, and individuals. DGM combines 13 fundamental human values for the benefit of society, economy, and ecology.

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Added value for Humanity

The courage and ability to lead to a better world by connecting between thought, emotion and actions, and the fulfilment of the universal potential.

  • Individual- An opportunity to create a positive impact on the world while understanding others' perspectives.
  • Organizational- Promoting collaborative activities between various teams and business units can encourage the understanding of each other’s differences and, in turn, lead to internal organizational change which is needed for adding value to humanity.
  • Society- Our ultimate goal is to create and maintain partnerships that magnify impact through collaboration.

Harmonious existence with all the components that create the whole.

  • Individual- Incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
  • Organizational- Once we've created the right conditions to work together, we can encourage team members to be more cooperative.
  • Society- Tolerance towards conflicts and disagreements in a way that helps improve collaborations.
Financial Freedom

The freedom (and the desire) to choose, based on responsibility and understanding of the framework of abilities and economic possibilities at any given moment.

  • Individual- An individual who has the capabilities to: manage their own finances, search for and evaluate information in order to make wise financial decisions, and define, plan and execute goals – are able to achieve their life goals more effectively.
  • Organizational- The organization should manage its resources efficiently and effectively using business models that provide value to all the stakeholders involved in the business (including employees, suppliers, communities, etc.).
  • Society- Expanding circles of influence through collaborations and delivering the knowledge and tools needed to address today's financial challenges.

Realizing the self’s full potential (while being at peace with our choices).

  • Individual- Being present, having a sense of purpose and accepting your choices and decisions.
  • Organizational- Defining the organization’s vision, mission, values and strategic goals.
  • Society- One’s vocation becomes a measure of their success.

Give your own from a sincere, empowering and true place.

  • Individual- Turning the organization's employees into deed-does.
  • Organizational- Listening to the needs of the organization and the needs and challenges of the community.
  • Society- Establishing sincere and ongoing cooperation with various bodies.
Inner Peace

An internal, personal, continuous and constant process that leads us to a quiet place, balanced and tranquil within us.

  • Individual- Accept your strengths and weaknesses and focus on your internal self to be the person you really want to be.
  • Organizational- An organization that has a vision and knows what it wants to be can run its operations effectively.
  • Society- Acting in an environment that allows you to express your feelings and emotions, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Language & Communication

A range of channels that facilitate the sending and receiving of information with a synchronization, authenticity, respect and precision which lead to an understanding of messages the way they are.

  • Individual- A positive self-consciousness provides you with the benefit of happiness, increases your chances of success, and enables you to reach your fullest potential.
  • Organizational- Performing meaningful activities with employees and customers encourages the implementation of positive language and effective communication.
  • Society- When we work from a community-based approach, both in our personal and professional life, we inspire others to communicate in a more effective way.

The clarity of thoughts, intentions and actions.

  • Individual- Be authentic and loyal to universal values to better express your thoughts, emotions and to achieve peace of mind.
  • Organizational- Implementing an effective Ethical Code reflects the organization’s desired values ​and the guidelines it has set for maintaining honesty, fair dealing and integrity throughout its operations.
  • Society- We should be clear about our intentions and desires out of the understanding that our choices affect others, and vice versa, other people's choices affect our own.

Protecting and enhancing existence through economic, social and environmental balance – for us and for the generations to come.

  • Individual- The beginning of the process stems from the personal responsibility of the individual.
  • Organizational- Developing activities that reduce one’s environmental imprint and ecological footprint.
  • Society- Promoting environmental initiatives and additional efforts in order to effectively embrace sustainability.

An internal driving energy that enables a dynamic pace of life, vibrancy and consent renewal.

  • Individual- Restrain from behaviors that drain your energy and, instead, do more activities that boost your energy.
  • Organizational- Increasing employees' energy levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Society- Energy management is the key to maintaining a long-term level of performance.

Action in the community, based on inner strength and love for others.

  • Individual- Those who do good are happier, healthier people with a higher sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Organizational- Volunteering generates better business value alongside employee empowerment and loyalty.
  • Society- Individual, community and organizational volunteering is extremely important for developing a thriving community.
We're All One

Each person has his or her uniqueness. All of us comprise the whole and constitute part of it.

  • Individual- Each human being is a unique and special individual, and yet together we all are one – like a single interconnected organism, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Organizational- Promoting diversity and inclusion among employees and the organization's target audiences.
  • Society- Increasing the degree of mutuality of respect for each other, as well as the level of shared interactions and hope.

Recognizing that everything exists and taking responsible action for ensuring ‘what is’.

  • Individual- Embrace a consciousness of abundance and an open mindset, and you will find that there are simple obtainable solutions to your most complex challenges.
  • Organizational- By developing an abundance mindset, organizations can make a positive and meaningful change in the lives of millions of people.
  • Society- Recognition that abundance is everywhere and it is fully within our reach, but we are also responsible for preserving the natural resources that make up this abundance so that they can persist for future generations.
Being, Believe, Doing

The connection of the individual, the organization, or community to the values of doing good can be expressed in the dimensions of beliefs, actions, or experiences. The implementation of the value or values can be carried out during a natural evolution process or by a conscious choice.

Every entity in the circles of influence can feel some kind of connection to the value. Some will turn directly to actions (doing), others may open their beliefs to the value (believing) or will experience the value (being). The Doing Good Model is dynamic; there are reciprocal relations and overlaps between the values and the conceptions, and sometimes even "contradictions" or conflicts.

individual, organization, society

The changes start with the individual, who influences the organization, which influences the community and the environment.

A person of values, who believes, experiences, and acts according to their values, will be a better manager. One that is more effective, communicates better, more productive, and who will positively influence their environment. Managers like this will lead the organization to achieve their vision, goals, and values concerning all the stakeholders, and will positively affect the community and the environment.

board of directors

Shari Arison
Owner of the Arison Group and founder of the Doing Good Model

Shari Arison is the owner of the Arison Group, a business and philanthropic group. For two decades, Shari Arison has envisioned, developed, and realized all of values of The Doing Good Model in the group’s businesses that operate in diverse fields, and in all of the group’s philanthropic organizations.

For more information, see shariarison.com.

David Arison
Executive Chairman, the Doing Good Model

David Arison serves as the Executive Chairman of The Doing Good Model, and VP of Global Relations at Arison Investments and The Ted Arison Family Foundation. He also serves as a board member on three major boards at the Arison Group: Arison Investments, The Ted Arison Family Foundation, and The Doing Good Model. He is also as an Executive Board Member of the organization Innovation Africa, and Co-Founder of the organization The Impact. Prior to his current positions, David Arison served as VP of Global Business Relations at Miya, Arison Investment's global water company, where he was responsible for strengthening and managing the company's associations worldwide.

Efrat Peled
Chairman and CEO, Arison Investment

Efrat Peled is the Chairman and CEO of Arison Investments, responsible for managing all of Shari Arison's business activities. She also serves as CEO of SAFO (Shari Arison Family Office) in Miami, and had served on the Boards of Directors of all Arison Group companies, which are positioned as the pillars of the Israeli economy. Efrat Peled is a former member of the World Economic Forum selective group of Young Global Leaders. She was ranked in Fortune's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. Under her helm, Arison Investments continues to invest in initiatives that bring added value to society, the economy, and the environment.

Jason Arison
Chairman, The Ted Arison Family Foundation

Jason Arison heads The Ted Arison Family Foundation, a privately-held family fund that annually contributes to hundreds of nonprofits and organization in diverse fields of operation. The foundation realizes the Arison Group vision of Doing Good, through social investments and strategic philanthropy. Jason Arison is a member of three leading Boards of Directors at the Arison Group, and also serves as the Chairman of the Young Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum.

Daniel Arison Dorsman
Board Member, Arison Investments, The Ted Arison Family Foundation, The Doing Good Model

Daniel Arison-Dorsman is a member of three leading Board of Directors at the Arison Group, a global business and philanthropic group, which operates to realize the vision of Doing Good through values-based investments and social ventures. Daniel Arison-Dorsman, who supports social ventures in Israel and worldwide, was listed on Forbes Israel’s 30 Under 30 Top Influencers 2018, and is also the Chairman of The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Young Friends Association.

Our Team

Efrat Shaked
Ofir Halali
Sales & Marketing Manager
Adi Markovitch
Executive Assistant to Chairman
Shlomit Samana
Customer& Operations Manager
Anat Shtriks
Product Manager & Trainer
Niva Kerzner Bartos
Product Manager & Trainer
Shiri Zukermandel
Product Manager & Trainer
Shira Bar-On
Product Manager & Trainer