Volunteering Journey



Volunteering can be one of the most powerful experiences in life. It gives employees a sense of meaning and fulfillment, connects the organization to its vision and values, ​​and enables it to create added value to the community and the environment.

Several steps need to be taken in the fascinating process of implementing the value of volunteering in the organization:

1. The starting point- Volunteer assessesments

Questions to ask when planning a volunteering activity:


1. What is the purpose of volunteering?
For example:
- To connect the group to the business goals of the organization.- To connect the group to the social goals of the organization.- To contribute to effective group formation.
- To connect the group to a new organizational product through volunteering.
- Other: _____________

2. What is the nature of volunteering?
The nature of the volunteer activity should be examined across the following two axes:
- Is volunteering related to the core business/operations, or does it occur within
the organization's value chain?
- Is volunteering a one-time event or an ongoing commitment?

Option 1: The volunteer project is outside the organization's value chain and is a one-time event.

Option 2: The volunteer project is outside the organization's value chain and is an ongoing commitment.

Option 3: The volunteer project is within the organization's value chain and is a one-time event.

Option 4: The volunteer project is within the organization's value chain and is an ongoing commitment.





When planning and organizing a volunteer project, you can seek the help of an organization specializing in organizational volunteering.

The volunteer project can be part of a larger volunteer program already in place in the organization.


2. The pulse test- An example of an organizational

We recommend conducting a survey among employees and looking at what areas and in which manner they prefer to volunteer to make sure that the goal the organization has set is attainable in a practical, optimal, and enjoyable way.

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3. Jump in the water headfirst- An example of anannual volunteering program

Guidelines for developing a volunteer plan based on the survey results:

  1. What are the preferred volunteer areas?
  2. What is the volunteering frequency (once a month/quarterly/ annually) and duration (for half a day / full day, etc.)?
  3. What are the characteristics of the volunteer groups (organic teams / heterogeneous teams)?
  4. How will people arrive on-site - individually or through organized transportation?
  5. Do you need a particular budget?
  6. When does the volunteer occur - during or outside working hours?

    An example of an annual volunteer program:
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4. Swim with confidence- Establish and implement a Procedure for Community Involvement

Congratulations, you have reached the most advanced step of the journey, which will establish continuity in the organization.

The following procedure lists a few focal points:

  1. Allocate several hours for each employee to conduct social contribution activities.
  2. Formulate an annual community involvement program.
  3. Distribute a list of volunteer opportunities that the company recommends.
  4. Follow-up on volunteers' feedback and self-evaluations.
  5. Ensure the measurement and control of the activities involved.

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