Global expansion begins with the definition of values ​​and vision

Vision, values, and Global teamwork

In the last few decades, we are witnessing a global expansion of organizations. The shift from a local company to a global one is becoming more common, yet, this shouldn't be taken for granted. To become a global player with a significant added value in the international sphere, a company needs to create value and unique products and services for its clients while building an internationally diverse team that works together. Research shows that successful global companies are those that create a powerful and proactive business structure that consists of managers and employees who are:

  • Capable of working both independently and as a team.
  • Feel connected to the company’s values and goals.
  • Can effectively lead local and global cross-organizational processes.

One of the top secrets of success in a global organization is investing in mid-level managers

The organizational entity is composed of a group of people. They are the ones who push the company forward.
When managers are taking part of forming the company’s values and vision they have ann authentic connection and understanding of how to interpret it to a set of behaviors, and communicate their messages to all the relevant stakeholders – their teams, suppliers, clients, investors, etc.

How do you create vision and values for a global company that has several sites around the globe?

The process of writing a vision statement and choosing the organization’s core values requires people to get into a mindset of organizational change. This process is often perceived as less practical and important, sometimes only to be shown on the company’s website and without any connection to its internal business discourse. Because of this, it is important for the leaders of the process to understand the essence of this change. They must be prepared for it, while us, the trainers should know the different cultures exist within the organization.

Our role as the process’s trainers is, among other things, to simplify everything that goes into building the company’s vision and values and steer them towards something that has a form of practical work experience which empowers employees across the organization.


We therefore need to see the different management styles, understand the group's dynamics in the workspace, their perceptions towards concepts such as hierarchy, decision-making, personal values, types of communication, individual vs. collective, attentive leadership, etc.
Building a vision and effectively choosing the right values require an open discourse with the team, as well as honesty and transparency.

These areas are different in each workplace and are certainly influenced by the local culture: What is expected and what is not? If and how do we develop the manager’s human aspect and their soft skills? All of these will impact the way we define the moral backbone that drives decision-making processes and protocols inside the organization, and they should be consistent and coherent for everyone.

In November 2020, we began working with a company that helps influencers and brands understand their potential and create original high-quality content for diverse audiences. The company is global and has sites all over the world: in Israel, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and China. Through an open and cooperative process led by the company’s CEO and HR director, we consolidated its vision and core values with their management team. They chose four leading values to create a mutual identity and language that will remain at the heart of the company as it continues to grow.

It is important to state that the vision and values were already present in the organizational climate but have not been officially defined as such. Our job as trainers was to help the company define a vision that acts as a compass for everyone and help determine its core organizational values in a clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand way.

The company’s vision:

To become a leading expert that helps creators, influencers, and brands to unlock their potential and fulfill their dreams by inspiring and entertaining their audiences.

Core values:

  • Global Team & Community
  • Empowerment
  • Transparent Communication 
  • Professionalism out of a sustainability viewpoint

The process of choosing these values gave room to any member of the board to assume control, suggest ideas, share his/her opinion, influence others, and develop more collaborative conversations.

Another challenging step was defining the value in its entirety, as there isn’t one proper definition for each value – meaning that any organization will have its own unique version of it. For instance, Empowerment in this company was defined as followed:

Empowering and creating opportunities- We believe that our key role is to help discover and realize the potential of both of our employees and our partner creators and clients. We are willing to offer all the available tools to achieve that.


After defining the core values, the management team lead by the HR director (or VP Values as we define her role) gave every value a set of managemental conducts, processes, and routines.

Participants chose several fields in which they were asked to match the vision with the appropriative values and were then broken up into smaller groups based on HR protocols, staff meetings, writing workflows, decision making processes, marketing and sales, in-house entrepreneur program for accelerating new projects, etc.

In any process of consolidating vision and values, we need to understand the participants' multiple interpretations of their meaning as well as the general understanding of the process and employees' personal perspectives on these values. The interpretation of one member of the group towards a certain value can be very different from the other. While working with the company we faced some interesting challenges:

  • There were a variety of personal interpretations to the way of managing the process and values.
  • A language barrier – the whole process was conducted in English, which is not a mother-tongue for us or for most members of the group.
  • The cultural challenge – Israeli trainers leading a process in a high-tech company whose managers primarily speak Russian.

The skepticism that characterized the beginning of the process slowly changed through openness and effective and vibrant team work, which led to impressive results for the company.

For us, the trust that was built throughout the process between us, as trainers and the team, and especially among the team members, is related to the personal connection that the team members developed with each other throughout the process. The opportunity to create new and exciting things regardless of their daily work had a strong impact.

In the end, every organizational entity is comprised of people, and people enjoy creating meaning for themselves, for the company they work for, and for the community and environment they live in.


We invite you to begin with us an in-depth and exciting process of defining organizational vision and values In accordance with the goals of your organization and its strategic goals.

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