How To Improve Employee´s Financial Freedom



Like any value, financial freedom requires a comprehensive process that encompasses both an understanding and inspiration for action. As part of the preparation and inspiration work, it is advised to enrich employees' knowledge with helpful lectures in the areas that are most interesting to them. Below are a few examples of relevant content areas in which you can bring thought leaders as lecturers:

Personal life: 

  • Insurance - health, apartment, car, mortgage
  • Car maintenance - ongoing costs, buying a new or used car, insurance
  • Bank - choosing which bank to open an account, where to take a personal loan or credit, account management fee
  • Family life - preparations for a firstborn child, financial education for running a family, vacation planning, weekly and monthly home budget planning
  • Home maintenance - buying or renovating a home, choosing appliances and furniture, insurance, day-to-day care, keeping track of necessary paperwork
  • Debts - how to get out of debt, debt and loan closure, account foreclosure
  • Credit card management
  • Online shopping


  • Professional life:
  • Pension - what is it and how to choose the right option, management fees
  • Social benefits - provident and training funds, pension funds, etc.
  • Payslip - how to understand it
  • Advanced and professional studies - how to choose what and where to study
  • Entering and leaving the job market, changing careers, promotions and salary increases 

  • Investments: 
  • Capital markets, savings, bonds
  • Interest
  • Types of investments (investment channels)
  • Real Estate: 
  • Deciding whether to own or rent a house
  • Deciding whether to buy or renovate
  • Home maintenance - choosing appliances and furniture, insurance, on-going maintenance, important to keep paperwork
  • Mortgage - how to choose the right option, Mortgage amortization schedule, insurance, monthly payments, different mortgage tracks, interest, early repayment, enlargement