Organizational bonding event

Organizational bonding event by DGM has been formed to address current business and social challenges and create connected communities and social closeness among all the members of an organization. We live in a world that requires us to be even more mindful and empathetic in interacting with our stakeholders. In the event, we use the 'World Cafe' method taken from the field of participatory leadership that is developing in recent years in the world and Israel.

About the 'World Cafe' method

The 'World Cafe' is an organizational method that is easy to implement, highly efficient, and effective. In a short timeframe, the method allows for the creation of a safe space and open conversation for a large group of participants to break up into intimate groups accompanied by professional guidance and personal acquaintance. The process includes deciding on three powerful and influential questions according to the purpose of the event, listening to various opinions and ideas, enjoying the time together, and the opportunity to formulate processes that increase employees' connectedness, commitment, and social involvement.

Who is it for?

  • Organizations that want to listen to their employees and hear first-hand from the ‘wisdom of the masses’ in a lighthearted and joyful gathering.
  • Organizations that regard strengthening their organizational connectivity as an essential mission, especially when most workers are working remotely.
  • Organizations that are ready to foster change that comes from within, as the organization's strengths and its people are the causes and creators of change.

Examples of goals that can be achieved:

  • Gathering information and opinions from employees in the field, including raising new initiatives and ideas
  • Brainstorming- discussion of strategic issues and solving challenges
  • Mapping out needs
  • Summarizing a period (month/quarter/year) or planning ahead
  • Connecting employees to the vision and values of the organization while identifying gaps between an existing state and the desired state

Or in short, any issue that may involve employee involvement and the ‘wisdom of the masses’ may be the key to its success!

How does it work?

  1. Select a management team on behalf of the organization
  2. Define the overarching goal of the event and formulate the three questions
  3. Select the employees who will serve as facilitators at tables or in rooms and provide them with the relevant guidance
  4. Divide everyone into intimate groups, meet and hold a discussion led by the organization's representatives
  5. Gather all the needs and ideas that are raised by employees on common boards
  6. Return to the main room after each round and share key insights, known as 'Aha Moments,' and gather all the commonly-shared wisdom into one list

What will you get from the event?

  • The event is designed to strengthen participants' feeling of connection, increase their interpersonal closeness, and ability to collaborate in meeting the goals of the organization
  • We will gather the shared wisdom from the event into a list of recommendations for practical and operational tools and ideas that can be implemented in the organization


If you too feel that the time has come for a different discourse, for internal organizational leadership that produces meaning, and for change that comes from within your organization, talk to us today. We will guide you on producing a digital, meaningful, and practical event.

DR.mary gentile, phd author of giving vice to values

The doing good model's practical approach enables people from any background to effectively voice their values and positively act on them, drawing the best from them, fueling creativity, confidence, and skill

amira kasem, Head Of Training & Development at Alfanar

A manager, not only works and leads other people, he also manage and lead himself. During the program we went through a meaningful process, the content was valuable, innovative and boosted our organizational tool kit with new creative ideas connecting business, values, and community. Our thanks to the DGM team for the professional training and a profound and practical learning

Amir malka, President & Co-Founder at Bioforum the Data Masters

It's something you can measure, its something you can see immediately. Your employees waking up in the morning and coming to work very happy. I can practically see the change happening.